Heureux Anniversaire PinBroidery flower corners pattern

In my previous post I offered a French version of my free PinBroidery flower corners pattern with the words “Heureux Anniversaire” (Happy Birthday). This was produced at the request of Jackie, an English lady living in France.

Jackie has now sent me a picture of a finished card so I thought I would share it with you…

Variations on the free prick and stitch flower corners pattern

flower corners with clipartHere are a couple of suggestions on how you can personalise the free PinBroidery prick and stitch flower corners pattern.

The first one has been stitched without the words Happy Birthday. It is mounted on a gold greetings card. Rose clip art has been added to the centre.

The bouquet of pink roses with a light purple bow clip art is available from HellasMultimedia.com and is used here with kind permission.

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How did PinBroidery get its name?

We were looking for an exclusive word that sums up the prick and stitch method of making greetings cards. An Internet search turned up an online Random Word Generator that was great fun to use. You enter 10 or more words on your chosen subject and it comes up with a list of words that are similar, but probably never before seen.