Do you use social bookmarking websites? [Poll]

Following on from my article last week about social bookmarking websites for crafters I thought it would be interesting to find out which ones are most popular with Prick and Stitch readers.

Even if you have not joined one, please take part in this poll so that we can get a picture of their relative popularity.

social bookmarksWhen you join a social bookmarking site, not only can you save your favourite pages for later reference, you can often compare notes and recommend sites to other members. Some sites have developed a club atmosphere with leading members and ardent followers. Others are purely about bookmarking.

New social bookmarking sites keep appearing so I have only listed the ones that I think may be popular with readers of this blog.

You can select up to three websites or say that you do not use any.

[poll id=”6″]

If your favourite social bookmarking web site is not on the list please let us know by adding a comment to this post. I would also be interested in which social bookmarking website you have found best for crafters.

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  1. I had never heard of these before your first post, David. I must look into them when I have time (about the year 2030 the way things are going now!)

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