How to find the correct hole to stitch from the back of the card

stitch from the backAs you know 50% of the work is stitched from the back of your card and 50% is stitched from the front. The stitching diagram shows you the view of the front of the card. When you turn the card over to work from the back you get a reverse image of the pattern. If you are working on a circle or line it is easy to see which hole to use next. However, if you are working on an area with random dots it becomes more of a challenge…

What else do you do whilst stitching cards?

needle-and-threadPeople sometimes ask if I do my own stitching when I design a card. The answer is that I do stitch them myself. I see it as part of the design process. It enables me to refine the design by having first hand knowledge of how it is working. This brings me to the subject of what else do you do whilst stitching a card.

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How to work the ‘S’ curve stitch

When a pattern includes an S shaped curve that is worked with evenly spaced stitches along its length it is hard to visualise. The section where the curve changes from an inside curve to an outside curve is the tricky part.

Once you realise how it works it is just a matter of continuing the stitching and the shape will form itself. However, if you try to analyse it in advance you may find it confusing.

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How to stitch a complex pattern

Some prick and stitch patterns are easy to follow whilst others are very complex. The easy ones tend to have shapes based on circles and curves. When the design involves realistic shapes such as human figures, the shapes become more random. The result is that the dots are harder to follow.

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