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An introduction to silhouette cutting

Metal stencils are used as the basis of a silhouette design that is cut in thin card and mounted on the front of a greetings card. Materials of complementary colours or contrasting colours can be used to produce effective results.

Stencil cutting equipment
From left to right: cutting mat, double-sided tape, metal ruler, clear tape, cream card, pencil, craft knife and silhouette stencil.


Draw around the designThe marking and cutting is done on the reverse of your card so it is hidden from view on the finished card. Lay the stencil on the back, or wrong side of the card. The back of the stencil is facing towards you so the image is reversed. The stencil can be held in place with a small piece of clear tape. Draw around the design in pencil.

Use a rulerRemove the stencil from the card. Use a metal ruler and a craft knife to cut out the rectangle of the daffodil silhouette. Cut out the inner border shapes.

Cut out the detailsCut out the small details of the design. Remove the surplus card from any holes created.

Cut out the larger areasProgress to cutting out the larger areas of the design.

Mount on cardWhen the cutting is complete, turn the card over and mount it on a sheet of card of a different colour. Use double-sided tape to fix it in place.

Cut the base card larger than the daffodil silhouette rectangle to give a border all round.

The finished cardMount this rectangle on the front of your greetings card with double-sided tape.

A gold chain border sticker has been used to outline the daffodil silhouette rectangle. A Happy Birthday sticker completes the design.

Daffodil silhouette card demonstrated by Linda Jefferson and reproduced with kind permission.

Daffodil silhouette design copyright and reproduced with kind permission.

This project was originally published at Card Inspirations. It is reproduced here here with kind permission. Card Inspirations are sponsors of the Card Making Inspirations web site.

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