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Lavender Posy card

Lavender Posy card


A double fold card has a lavender posy mounted on pale mauve backing paper and set in an oval aperture. The lavender posy is made using quilling techniques.

Materials used

  • A cream double fold greetings card 88mm x 114mm (3½ ins x 4½ ins)
  • Strips of quilling paper in five shades in the blue/mauve/pink colour spectrum 450mm long x 3mm wide (18 ins x 1/8 in).
  • Strips of quilling paper in pale green 450mm long x 3mm wide (18 ins x 1/8 in).
  • Pale mauve background paper 80mm x 100mm (3 ins x 4 ins)
  • Adhesive


The measurements are based on a standard 450mm strip (18 ins). All sections of the lavender are worked in 3mm wide paper. The bow is worked in 2mm wide paper.


Using different shades of mauve for each flower spike, make each flower section using eighth-strips. Roll an open coil, glue the end and squeeze gently to form a sausage shape, ensuring that the join is in the middle of one side, and it will be hidden when glued to the stalk. Make an odd number of flowers, i.e. 5, 7, 9 or 11.

Lavender Posy card closeup


Glue two strips of pale green together to make a stronger strip.

Glue a flower to the top of the stalk and allow to dry. Glue the remaining flowers either side of the stalk as shown in the illustration.

The leaves are made from half-strips and 150mm (6 in) strips (one-third of a strip) rolled, glued and pinched into long, thin leaf shapes.

Assemble five stalks in a small posy and glue them onto the background paper.


The centre is an eighth-strip coil pinched into a squashed square.

The other shapes are made from quarter-strips and shaped as shown in the illustration. Glue all sections of the bow together, then glue it on top of the stalks.

Mount the assembly in the double fold aperture card. The aperture oval has a decorative surround of crimped quilling paper.

Lavender Posy card diagram

Lavender posy card made by Diane Crane.

The lavender posy photograph and line drawing are reproduced here by kind permission of the copyright owner Diane Crane and may not be reproduced elsewhere without permission.

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