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Stamping card 1
Christmas angel
Stamping card 2
Christmas dove
Stamping card 3
Shell card
Stamping card 4
Birthday parcel
Stamping card 5
Christmas tree
Stamping card 6
Rose tile
Stamping card 7
Rose squares
Stamping card 8
Stamping card 9
Easter egg
Stamping card 10
Easter flowers
Stamping card 11
Lilly with beads
Stamping card 12
Maple leaf parcel
Stamping card 13
Poppies with beads
Stamping card 14
Christmas village
Stamping card 15
Shadow Roses
Stamping card 16
Shadow Tulips
Stamping card 17 Stamping card 18 Stamping card 19 Stamping card 20
Stamping card 17
Wedding Card
Stamping card 18
For Someone Special
Stamping card 19
Long Stemmed Rose
Stamping card 20
Decoupage stamping
Birthday parcels Maple leaf Shadow stamps Elegant Pansy Stamp
Stamping card 21
Birthday Parcels
Stamping card 22
Maple Leaf Birthday
Stamping card 23
Shadow Stamp with Butterfly
Stamping card 24
Elegant Pansy Stamp
Snowflake Seasons Greetings Holly Season's Greetings Snowflakes & Ribbon Holly on Corrugated
Stamping card 25
Snowflake Seasons Greetings
Stamping card 26
Holly Season's Greetings
Stamping card 27
Snowflakes & Ribbon
Stamping card 28
Holly on Corrugated
Holly Bauble Christmas card
Stamping card 29

Holly Bauble Christmas card
Thank you card
Stamping card 30

Thank you
Formula One Car card
Stamping card 31

Formula One Car
Just a Bear card
Stamping card 32

Just a Bear
Holly Bauble Christmas card
Stamping card 33

Love doves
Thank you card
Stamping card 34

Lily pad

Card Illustrations
An explanation of our copyright notice on these cards:
These cards must not be displayed on another web site without permission.
You may use these designs to make cards for your personal pleasure and to give away to your friends.
Where the cards contain images created with products produced by third parties, such as rubber stamps, stencils, etc., you may not sell the cards commercially without first getting permission from the actual manufacturers of the stamps, stencils, etc.

Product availability

We regret that we are unable to advise the reader of a source of supply for the materials used in the projects on the Card Making Inspirations web site.

The layouts and techniques used in these projects are timeless. However, products such as stamps, stickers and patterned papers are quickly discontinued to be replaced by new items. When this happens we suggest that there is a lot of satisfaction in finding an alternative product that suits the design.

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