Fundraiser – forum gallery stitching card of the week

This week’s card is called Breast Cancer Fundraiser and was made by Nedlnut. There are two beautiful cards made using the Stitching Cards Free Awareness Ribbon Pattern which has a choice of two sizes of ribbon.

Nedlnut said: “In October, we held a month-long breast cancer fundraiser. The owner of A Stamp Artist Place and I donated the supplies so that all of the money raised could go to our chosen charity. For a donation to The Hope Chest, I taught people how to do paper embroidery using the free ribbon pattern. The Hope Chest is a local organization that helps women in Western NC who are diagnosed with breast or gynecological cancer. Thank you so much for designing this pattern and offering it for free so that it can be used for teaching purposes. I love it when someone learns to stitch and it was a bonus to be able to raise money for a wonderful charity.”

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